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What Blacklisting Is Really Costing Your Business

By Ciara Noonan | 3 minute read

If you are a web host who has experienced IP blacklisting in the past, you’ll be familiar with just how arduous the removal process can be. Of course, it is designed this way to ensure as little spam as possible can cause damage on the internet.

Nevertheless, it can cause major headaches for web hosts whose customer(s) may have unwittingly compromised an IP on their server. From frustrated customers who are unable to send or receive mail; to employees having to spend copious amounts of time and resources getting the situation sorted, IP blacklisting is an ordeal.

To read about the monetary costs of blacklisting to web hosts, download our white paper, “The Hidden Costs of IP Blacklisting.”


Though this white paper examines the monetary costs of blacklisting, there is more at stake for a web host than money alone.

Frustrated customers may choose to bring their business elsewhere — especially if this isn’t the first time they have experienced IP blacklisting with a company. However, with a little damage control and — more importantly — a plan to prevent future blacklisting, a web host can keep in with their customers’ good graces.

If customers feel their web host has reassured them and kept them in the loop in a sufficient fashion, they’ll be more likely to stay.

Once IPs are restored and the issues are figured out, it’s important to ensure there are precautions in place so IP blacklisting can be prevented in future. Next time, customers may not be so forgiving.

An SMTP relay service will catch spammers in your network and protect your IP reputation. Using behavioural technology, MailChannels Cloud will scan outbound mail leaving your servers and identify and stop any compromised mail from reaching the internet.

This means customers and IP reputation will be safe from blacklisting issues — and you’ll be free to spend the monetary and resource savings elsewhere!

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Or, download our white paper, Why use an SMTP Relay Service for an in-depth read on how they can help your web hosting business overcome IP and blacklisting issues. 


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