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Behind the Scenes at - Ben Gabler (

In this episode of the podcast, Ben Gabler, CEO and founder of, shares his journey from delivering pizzas to pioneering in the web hosting industry. With over two decades...

YT Thumbnail EP 8 Ben G

Emerging Trends in Email Deliverability and How to Stay Ahead - An Interview with Al Iverson

In this episode, we sit down with Al Iverson, an expert in email deliverability, to explore the intricate world of email communication and marketing. Al shares his rich journey through...

YT Thumbnail EP 7 AL

Powering a Fairer Internet with IPv6 -  Wido den Hollander, CTO of Your.Online

In this episode, we chat with hosting industry veteran Wido den Hollander about the vital role of IPv6, an addressing scheme for the internet that, despite being in existence since...

YT Thumbnail EP 6 Wido V2

Delivering Email People Actually Want - Laura Atkins, Email Deliverability Expert

In this episode of Collateral Dialogue, host Ken Simpson delves into the intricate world of email deliverability with Laura Atkins, a renowned expert with over two decades of experience in...

YT Thumbnail EP 5 Laura Atkins (1)

Cloudflare: Past, present, and future - An interview with John Graham-Cumming

In this comprehensive discussion, Ken Simpson, CEO of MailChannels, converses with John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare, to explore the company’s past, present, and future. From discussing the company’s journey from...

YT Thumbnail EP 4 John G C

How Canada’s Telecom Regulator Fights Phishing and Spam

Join Ken Simpson, CEO of MailChannels, as he dives deep with Steven Harroun of the CRTC. in exploring Canada's digital landscape, from Anti-Spam Legislation to tackling spam, phishing, and AI threats. Discover the CRTC's latest policies, net neutrality goals, and insights on tech's evolving terrain

YT Thumbnail EP 2 Steven H V2

How Spamhaus will protect the internet from AI-driven spam and phishing

In this engaging dialogue with Andrew Barrett of Spamhaus, we trace the organization’s journey from its inception, discussing the initial vision, early challenges, and the adaptations required as the internet...

YT Thumbnail EP 3 Andrew B V2

Fighting Phishing in a Post-GPT World

Mike Jones, Senior Director of Product Management at Fortra Agari, joins Ken to discuss the past, present, and future of Agari’s fight against phishing.

YT Thumbnail EP 1 Mike J (v 3)

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