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What’s New at MailChannels | May 2021

By MailChannels | 1 minute read

New and Enhanced Features to MailChannels Host Console | May 2021

with Google

  • Host Console users can now sign in using their Google account. Users just have to click the ‘Sign in with Google’ button on the login screen, and authenticate using their regular Google credentials. If a console user exists with a matching email address, that user is automatically logged in.  Learn more.
  • Automatic console user creation: For customers with Professional or larger plans, it’s no longer necessary to add console users in the account settings page. Just specify which domain users will be logging in from, and any user that logs in with google with an email address at that domain will be automatically created.

Report False Positives from Log Search

  • There is a new button in some log search entries, ‘Not Spam’, that automatically reports a blocked message as a false positive. The message signature will automatically be safelisted, and machine learning algorithms will be updated with the given message as a non-spam sample. Currently, only some types of blocks can be remediated automatically, more will be added soon.  Learn more.

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