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What is SPF

By MailChannels | 1 minute read

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) allows email senders to indicate which IP addresses are authorized to send email on behalf of

their domain. Because spammers often impersonate sender email addresses, SPF can help receivers reject messages that originate
from servers not designated by the domain owner.

Make it Easy

Checking SPF adherence in your outbound mail service is challenging – there are many cases in which a straightforward
rejection of email is not the right approach. MailChannels SMTP Relay Service handles SPF
intelligently, freeing you to do other things.

How to Implement SPF

Domain owners express their SPF policy by registering a special kind of Domain Name System (DNS) record with their DNS provider.
As a domain owner, exactly what your SPF record should look like can be confusing. Thankfully, there are several excellent SPF wizards that can help with the process of creating your SPF record:

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