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What is Email Security?

By MailChannels | 2 minute read

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face a range of security threats through email, making it crucial for them to be aware of the top email security issues and take steps to protect themselves. In this article, we’ll explore the definition of email security, the dangers posed by email security breaches, and what SMBs can do to stay protected.

Email security defined

Email security refers to the measures taken to protect email accounts and their contents from unauthorized access. Email service providers generally implement several security measures, including strong password protection, access control mechanisms, encrypted email messaging, web application firewalls, and spam filtering software.

Why email security matters

Email is a popular target for hackers, who use it to spread malware, spam, and phishing attacks. They send deceptive messages that trick recipients into sharing sensitive information, leading to identity theft. They also use attachments or hyperlinks to install malware on the recipient’s device. In addition, email is often the entry point for attackers seeking to access an enterprise network and steal valuable company data.

Stay protected with awareness and security software

The key to protecting your SMB from email security threats is awareness. Everyone in your organization, from the CEO to the front-line staff, must be aware of the best practices for email security. It’s important to be vigilant about the source of emails, where links lead, and what personal data is being shared. To further enhance your email security, consider using anti-spam and virus-checking software to prevent employees from being exposed to malicious emails in the first place.

Final word

Protecting your SMB’s email security is essential in today’s digital world. By being aware of the dangers posed by email security breaches and implementing a multi-layered approach, you can ensure the safety of your data.

To address this issue, MailChannels can offer a helpful solution as a top-notch provider of outbound email filtering. MailChannels uses advanced technologies to monitor and filter outbound email traffic, providing a highly effective solution for protecting against the spread of spam, malware, and phishing attacks. By choosing MailChannels, SMBs can take a proactive approach to email security, protecting their reputation and customers and employees.

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