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Web hosts explain the benefits of MailChannels

By Desmond Liao | 2 minute read

All web hosting providers have challenges dealing with email spam which inevitably leads to problems with their servers being blocklisted. The consequence of which is mail not reaching its destination and customer service complaints. MailChannels helps hosting providers isolate and remove spammers from their networks. We polled five of our customers on video about why they rely on MailChannels to throttle outbound spam.

Here are some soundbites from the video transcript, which sum up how we help our customers:

“The number of email issues we’ve had from our customers — from having compromised accounts, weak passwords, or viruses — has dropped to almost nothing. MailChannels does a fantastic job of keeping us off the blocklists, keeping our customers safe, secure and happy, and email gets delivered 100% of the time now.”
–Jess Coburn, CEO, Applied Innovations

“MailChannels is a very important and integral part of our operations. As you know, there are a lot of unwanted spam security problems generated by customers, or abusers in your network. We have been using MailChannels to get rid of that. Our brand is no longer associated with abusers that really do a dreadful impact to our network.”
–Erward Osckar, Founder/Owner, Wowrack

“We have a fleet of many, many servers using MailChannels across a lot of our product lines. MailChannels has been great at reducing our spam.”
–Zach Kwarta, Director of Marketing, A Small Orange

“We needed a provider to help us with outbound filtering of our email and after looking at a couple of providers, we selected MailChannels. We’ve been very happy with them.”
–Chris Sheridan, VP Business Development, eNom

“The spammers that would sign up and send a charge-back—they basically stopped trying. Which took a load off our billing staff. They don’t have to go through and manually verify as many fraudulent signups, so it’s reduced the load on our support department handling the issues and, overall, it’s made the IPs a lot cleaner for new clients to sign up.”
–Matt Ayers, Owner, Togglebox

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