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[Video] What is MailChannels Outbound Filtering?

By Mandy Tang | 2 minute read

MailChannels Outbound Filtering is the only email sending service that scans your outgoing email, blocks the spam, and then notifies you of the users or scripts responsible for spamming so you can shut them down.

Watch our video to learn how MailChannels gets your email delivered reliably with machine learning and powerful anti-spam feature in this guided product tour.

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Video Transcript

MailChannels Outbound Filtering gets your web hosting email delivered reliably, with machine learning and powerful anti spam features.

You can set up your servers in minutes with a painless configuration process and control panel integrations.

It automatically detects when your users and websites are compromised, letting you know about it so that you can shut them down.

Search all your outgoing email logs instantly with an intuitive log search that lets you track down email delivery issues.

See which IP addresses, senders, and domains have been sending the most spam in your network.

If MailChannels blocks something by mistake, senders can have it released by clicking the Not Spam button in a bounce back message.

Unlike other email sending services, MailChannels supports your end users if they have delivery issues. Delivery problems receive a response within 30 minutes, around the clock, releasing your team to work on more important things.

Behind the scenes, MailChannels uses machine learning and thousands of IP addresses to ensure reliable delivery of your email.

MailChannels infrastructure operates in multiple locations and uses the latest container clustering technology to provide 100% uptime.

Stop worrying about email delivery, with MailChannels.

Make your customers happy and focus on other things. 

Cut your support tickets and make customers happier