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Using MailChannels Outbound Just Got Easier

By Desmond Liao | 2 minute read

You may have noticed the MailChannels Host Console has received user interface improvements. Aside from a cleaner, more contemporary look and feel, we’ve also introduced more powerful search, a new reporting functionality and we redesigned the main navigation so it’s easier to access key information quickly.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search can be found next to the main search bar. When you click on “Advanced”, a form opens that allows you to search for terms in specific fields. The form contains the most common fields used in search queries so you don’t have to refer to the documentation as often. As you fill in fields on the form, the query expression is built up in the main search bar so you can see how to formulate queries directly in the query expression language.


Automated Resolutions

Each Log Search result now has a flag to report an issue with the delivery. When you click to report an issue, we determine the most appropriate course of action depending on why a message was blocked. Often times, we can remediate delivery issues directly. For instance, if a message was blocked due to a sender blacklist, we’ll assume the issue with the sender has been resolved and remove that sender from the blacklist automatically, without the need to wait for a support representative to remove the listing manually.


Product Feedback

We’ve also made it easier to read your feedback by customizing our “Report an Issue” link so it flows into our Customer Support queue. Now, all client requests, suggestions and other feedback gets seen every day and shared with the relevant teams for quicker turnaround on ideas and issues.

New Menu Bar

We’ve updated the main navigation in the web console to make three of our most-used applications more accessible. Now, instead of being buried in drop-down menus, we’ve repositioned Log Search, Deliverability, and the Top Senders Report in the main navigation bar at the top of the console.


This change came out of an internal review we did, supported by product feedback from MailChannels Outbound customers. It’s much easier and faster now to search for problematic messages, monitor mail deliverability, and track down spammers with these tools up front in the main navigation bar.

When we save you clicks, we save you time.

Cut your support tickets and make customers happier