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Unraveling Email Mysteries: 6 Essential Tools for Troubleshooting

By MailChannels | 3 minute read

Unraveling Email Mysteries 6 Essential Tools For Troubleshooting

Emails are the lifelines of communication in our digital world. But what happens when they go awry? Investigating email issues is crucial, whether it’s a missing email, suspicious content, or just curiosity about an email’s journey. To start, you’ll need the full message header, which reveals details often hidden in a standard email view.

Here are six tools to help you dive into the depths of email analysis:

  •’s SMTP Enhanced Status Codes Registry: Begin with understanding the enhanced status codes to pinpoint why an email didn’t make it. Explore the registry.
  • MXToolBox: A go-to for IT professionals, MXToolBox diagnoses domain health, analyzes message headers, and checks IPs against numerous email blocklists.
  • G Suite Toolbox Message Header: Specifically for Gmail users, this tool lets you paste the SMTP message header to uncover the root of delivery issues.
  • DownDetector: Sometimes, the problem isn’t your email but the service provider itself. DownDetector keeps you updated on the status of major email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and others.
  • Postmark: Launched in 2011, Postmark’s JSON API parses emails for easy analysis with SpamAssassin, providing a spam score for your messages.
  • Mail Tester: User-friendly and thorough, Mail Tester evaluates the ‘spamminess’ of your email and offers tips for improvement if your score is low.

Investigating email issues doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these tools, you can become an email detective, ensuring your communications are smooth and secure.


What is an SMTP message header?

An SMTP message header is a block of metadata that contains information about the path an email has taken, its sender, recipient, and other technical details. It is crucial for diagnosing email delivery issues.

How can I access the full message header of an email?

The method to access the full message header varies depending on your email client. Typically, you can find an option to view the original message or its properties, which will display the header.

What is an email blocklist, and why is it important?

An email blocklist lists IP addresses or domains known for sending spam or malicious emails. Being on a blocklist can prevent your emails from reaching recipients, so it’s important to check if your IP is listed.

What does a spam score indicate?

A spam score is a rating given to an email that indicates the likelihood of it being considered spam by email filters. A higher score means a higher chance of the email being marked as spam.

Why would I need to investigate email issues?

Investigating email issues is essential for ensuring reliable communication, especially in a professional setting. It helps identify and resolve problems like failed deliveries, being marked as spam, or security concerns.

Can these tools help me improve my email deliverability?

Yes, these tools can help you identify issues that might be affecting your email deliverability, such as being on a blocklist or having a high spam score. By addressing these issues, you can improve your chances of your emails reaching the intended recipients.

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