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Understanding the Importance of Email Feedback Loops

By MailChannels | 2 minute read

Email feedback loops (FBLs) play a crucial role in enabling email receivers to communicate with sending networks about user complaints generated from emails originating from the sender’s network. By leveraging FBL data, sending networks can identify and address problematic email traffic, such as spam messages, emanating from their IP address space. This vital information allows senders to tackle and eliminate spammers more effectively.

Determining feedback destination: IP and domain methods

FBL providers utilize two primary methods to ascertain the destination for feedback messages:

  1. By IP – AOL, Comcast, Cox, and most other FBLs necessitate registering your IP address space with them to receive abuse feedback messages. On their registration forms, provide your abuse contact email address. Revisit their registration form each time you add an IP address to your network.
  2. By Domain using DKIM – Yahoo! and some newer FBLs enable you or your users to register the domains they send from with the Yahoo! FBL. DKIM verifies domain ownership before sending abuse information related to specific messages.

Should you sign up for email feedback loops?

If you send emails from a dedicated IP address under your control, register with all major feedback loops to ensure you effectively manage any spam originating from your IP address. However, if you don’t control the IP address, your service provider should be registered.

How to register for email feedback loops

Numerous large email receivers offer FBLs, and you can freely register by clicking on the following links:

Final words

Managing email feedback loops can be time-consuming and complex. To streamline this process and optimize your email deliverability, consider MailChannels as your go-to solution. MailChannels offers advanced email delivery services that include comprehensive email feedback loop management, ensuring your campaigns are always on track and free from spam-related issues.

By choosing MailChannels, you benefit from a dedicated team of experts who actively monitor and manage your feedback loops, promptly addressing user complaints and potential spam issues. This proactive approach not only enhances your email deliverability and sender reputation but also allows you to focus on tasks that matter to your business.

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