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The Holiday Spam Surge

By David Cawley | 2 minute read

The Holidays are just around the corner and the associated seasonal spam surge is already underway. Traditionally we see a steep increase in spam levels from now until the end of Christmas. This can be attributed to consumers being easier targets due to an increase in their online shopping, an expectation of electronic greeting cards, a higher likelihood of impulse buying and difficulties with last minute gift ideas. All of these factors can be used by a spammer into convincing a user to open a spam e-mail or in some cases, tricking the user into providing financial information.
A common trick seen at this time of year of which e-mail users should be wary of is the “fake invoice”. The natural reaction after receiving an invoice from a company for several hundred dollars is to follow the instructions to cancel the order, which often involves providing credit card information. In some cases, it can be even more subtle by simply providing a website which when visited will drop malware onto an unprotected computer.

Here is a sample of subject lines promoting gift ideas:

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