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The Email Deliverability Dilemma: Harness the Power of MailChannels for Optimal Email Security and Deliverability

By MailChannels | 3 minute read

Imagine this scenario: You’re a web hosting provider, and you’ve just launched your service. Your clients are happily setting up their websites, making use of your great features, and everything seems perfect…until suddenly, it isn’t.


Emails. It’s one of the most basic, yet critical features your clients depend on. But you’re beginning to notice an alarming trend. Your customers’ emails are increasingly being marked as spam, and worse, they’re not reaching their intended recipients. A creeping realization sets in—your web hosting service has an email deliverability issue.

Now, your reputation is at stake. Your clients are unsatisfied, they’re losing business, and they blame you. Not only is this hurting your bottom line, but it’s also damaging your reputation. In the competitive world of web hosting, the stakes are high, and the room for error is minimal.


Email deliverability issues are far more than a simple nuisance; they can cripple your business. You might find yourself spending countless hours attempting to solve this problem, delving into the labyrinth of IP blacklisting, SPF records, DKIM signatures, and DMARC policies, while your core business suffers. This continuous firefighting can drain your resources and detract from your primary business goals.

Moreover, the threat of outbound spam can be catastrophic for your company’s reputation. In an era where cyber threats are rampant, the possibility of a client’s account being hacked and used to send out spam can land your IP on a dreaded blacklist. From there, it’s an uphill battle to regain your reputation, let alone enhance it.


So, how can you rectify this critical issue? How can you guarantee that your client’s emails hit the inbox every time, maintain your reputation, and secure your email service from outbound spam? Enter MailChannels.

MailChannels is not just an email delivery service; it’s a complete, automated, outbound spam filtering solution that guarantees your emails reach their destination, every single time. By leveraging artificial intelligence and a commitment to continuous innovation, MailChannels identifies and blocks spam at the source, securing your email service, and safeguarding your reputation.

With MailChannels, you can put the days of manual troubleshooting and endless customer complaints behind you. You can now focus on what you do best—providing your clients with exceptional web hosting services while leaving the complexities of email deliverability and security to us.

From detecting compromised accounts to managing sender reputation, MailChannels is a comprehensive solution that equips you to tackle email deliverability head-on. And, with 24/7 customer support, you’re never alone in your quest for reliable, secure email delivery.

Take back control of your business. Make email deliverability issues a thing of the past. Secure your reputation and build customer trust.

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