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Storms And Earthquakes: Worms That Spread Through Email

By David Cawley | 1 minute read

The infamous Storm worm was named based on the Subject lines related to the storms across Europe at the time. For example, “230 dead as storm batters Europe” was commonly seen. Last year, we blogged about it and did a breakdown of infected machines by continent and country as well as discussing how it changes tactics.

This week, a new variant has appeared with Subject lines related to an earthquake in China. This is very similar to the social engineering tactics of the original campaign, where a natural disaster was used to entice the recipient to open the e-mail. The US Computer Emergency Readiness Team has posted an alert on it’s website. The Subject lines currently being seen in the e-mails are as follows:

* The most powerful quake hits China

* Countless victims of earthquake in China

* Death toll in China is growing

* Recent earthquake in china took a heavy toll

* Recent china earthquake kills million

* China is paralyzed by new earthquake

* Death toll in China exceeds 1000000

* A new powerful disaster in China

* A new deadly catastrophe in China

* 2008 Olympic Games are under the threat

* China’s most deadly earthquake

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