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Stop Blacklisting with an SMTP Relay Service

By Ciara Noonan | 1 minute read

You’ve got a web hosting company to run. Whether you’re one person with two shared servers, or a global powerhouse with dedicated outbound email gateways, it’s a constant challenge to make outbound email work reliably for your customers.

Dealing with spammers, email security issues and the problems they cause wastes valuable IT and support resources — which you could be investing in growth and customer satisfaction.

Consider the following:

  • What if cyber criminals suddenly exploit 200 WordPress accounts and start sending two million spams per hour across a swathe of your IP space?
  • What if Spamhaus lists your entire network or puts your company on the ROKSO (Register of Known Spam Operations) list?
  • What if AOL blocks you and you can’t get through to their support line to fix the problem?
  • What if you can’t get them to take your email, no matter what you do?

A hosted SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) relay service — such as MailChannels Cloud — solves these issues and more.

Download our white paper, Why Use an SMTP Relay Service, to learn more.


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Cut your support tickets and make customers happier