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Some Our Favorite Email Security Blogs

By David Cawley | 4 minute read

The purpose of the MailChannels blog is to provide readers with useful information about happenings in the exciting world of Anti-Spam rather than marketing blurbs. I thought it might be useful to provide a list of interesting blogs from other companies and individuals which deserve credit for their contribution to the Anti-Spam community. In some cases such as our own blog the focus is primarily on Anti-Spam, others are more general security blogs. If you can think of any other blogs that should be included please add a comment.

Corporate Blogs

MailChannels Anti-Spam Blog – I should start with our very own blog! The MailChannels blog was born in November 2007 and keeps a finger on the pulse of Anti-Spam related news. We comment on the latest spam tactics and trends.

Commtouch Blog – I just discovered the newly launched Commtouch blog today which is what prompted me to write this blog post. It’s still in it’s infancy but should be an interesting one to watch.

Symantec Security Response Blog – This blog provides regular updates on e-mail security news including a summary of their monthly state of spam report. As a former Symantec Brightmail employee of 5 years I’m quite fond of this blog as I know many of the contributors.

McAfee Avert Labs Blog – The McAfee blog provides interesting updates with the option of e-mail updates – they also provide an RSS feed. Again it’s a favorite of mine since I’ve worked with Kevin McGhee who is a contributor to their blog

Sophos Security Blog – Funnily enough Sophos have an office just a few blocks from Mailchannels. As several members of our team are former Sophos employees it’s another favorite. We also get a chance to meetup with the developers in person at Perl Monger conferences in the city.

Trend Micro – As Trend are based in Asia and have a large Asian customer base they often have news from across the pond that may not be widely known in North America.

F-Secure – The F-Secure blog provides details on spam, phishing, spyware and virus attacks and is well worth a read.

SANS Institute – Technically this is a diary but the SANS Internet Storm Center has great commentary on general internet security issues.

Secure Works – The SecureWorks blog doesn’t have a great deal of content itself but it does have posts of weekly links to Anti-Spam news stories in the media.

Individual Blogs

John Graham Cumming – John is a member of the Mailchannels technical advisory board. He maintains “The Spammers Compendium” which names and tracks the first seen date of the latest spam techniques. He also writes a regular Anti-Spam newsletter.

Justin Mason – Justin is also a member of the Mailchannels technical advisory board and for good reason. He’s the person behind the excellent Spam Assassin project! He also maintains the Planet Anti-spam page [Update: Justin commented to this post to point out he aggregates posts from many of these blogs into a single “river of news” format]

Terry Zink – In Terry’s own words… “protecting your mail against the scum of the internet”. He’s a microsoft employee working as a program manager in the exchange hosted services anti-spam division.

Al Iverson – Al writes the “Spam Resource” blog with plenty of Anti-Spam tidbits and was very active in the past year with around 90 posts.

Ed Falk – His blog, named “The Spam Diaries” is focused on Anti-Spam issues as the name suggests and has been blogging on spam for over 10 years.

David Spark – The Anatomy of Spam Blog is maintained by David spark. Although it does have interesting content, the last post was made in July 2007 so it’s not up to date.

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