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New for Inbound Filtering: Quarantine Digest and Users Manager

By Mandy Tang | 2 minute read

Quarantine Digest

Whitelisting option

The updated Quarantine Digest allows you to release a message from your quarantine without having to log in to the console.

Once you’ve released a message, you will be given an additional option to whitelist the sender or the domain – right on the page.

Block reason

Quarantine Digest now provides a reason for why a message was blocked. This helps you decide whether or not to release the message from quarantine. Reasons for blocking a message include Blocklisted, Spam Content, Virus Content, RBL Listed, SPF Failed, DKIM Failed, and Unknown.

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Users Manager

Users Manager presents you with a list of users that have Inbound Filtering enabled on their associated domain. This gives you control over which users can have their email filtered by the system. You can also search for users and perform operations in bulk.

Automatically creates user accounts

The list of email users automatically populates as email is processed by the system. This eliminates the need for users to create accounts, or domain admins to add users manually.

If your plan has a certain number of protected recipients, this will ensure the correct set of recipients are getting their email filtered. Automatic filtering enablement is done on a first come first served basis up to the protected recipients limit of your plan.

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