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New For Inbound Filtering: Mobile Friendly Notifications & More

By Mandy Tang | 2 minute read

Mobile Friendly Notifications

mobile notificationsOur quarantine digests messages are now responsive on small screens, allowing you to easily manage your emails on the go.

Refined Log Search

refined log search

Easily navigate the logs with improved organization and controls that allow users to see the status of their email messages, manage quarantined messages and control their policy.

Message Details Pop Up

popup notification

Easily access the entire message log when you click for more details in Logs, providing additional security and abuse information to help you understand why a particular filtering decision was made.

Tagged recipient addresses

You can now manage logs, quarantine, and policy for messages sent to tagged addresses in the form of

Quarantine takes precedence over whitelisting

Messages will not be delivered when DMARC policy is “Reject” or “Quarantine” even when the domain or sender whitelists the message.

Automatic Discovery and Protection of Inboxes

Inbound protection is automatically enabled when mail is received for a particular recipient when the limit on protected inboxes for a plan has available room. This means that hosts and domain administrators don’t need to individually add all the recipients to have their inboxes protected.

Sender Release from Quarantine

A great perk of MailChannels IQ™ is that it allows the sender of a message to fix their own false positives. Senders are permitted to release messages from quarantine if they were flagged ONLY by the content filter. We do not allow sender release when there are other factors, such as RBL, DMARC/DKIM/SPF fail (even soft fail), or blocklist.

Inbound Filtering Made Easy

Every MailChannels Outbound lets you add inbound spam filtering to protect up to five domains for free. Try adding domains today!

If you’re new to MailChannels, contact our sales team for a free 30-day trial.

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