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New for Inbound Filtering: Manage all your domains in one place

By Mandy Tang | 2 minute read

Host Console

It’s easier than ever to manage domains protected by MailChannels Inbound Filtering in the Host Console (formerly Cloud Console).

You can now log in to any of your hosting customer accounts in a centralized place to administer spam filtering on their domains. This eliminates the need for hosts to create separate Domain Console accounts to manage each customer. Once logged into the Domain Console, you can set domain-wide policies, including whitelists, blocklists, and other spam handling policies.

Search allows you to quickly find a domain under your management. To run a basic search, type the name of the domain in the search bar.

Adding a New Domain

To add a new domain, click the green “+ Add New Domains” button. You can also add domains in bulk by uploading a CSV file containing a list of domains.

Removing a Domain

Domains can also be easily searched and removed with a few easy clicks.

Adding Email Addresses to Domains

Domain Console accounts are created automatically for each recipient. When a domain is added, all associated email addresses will automatically have their email processed through MailChannels.

Global Whitelists and Blocklists

You can now add global whitelists and blocklists that affect all of your customers. Entry types include domains, email addresses, and IP addresses and are automatically detected upon addition. Once created, these lists are live and will impact all of your current and future domains. You can filter the list by type, or search for an exact or partial match.

Adding Multiple Blocklist and Whitelist Entries

To add multiple blocklist or whitelist entries, you can type them into the text field (separated by a comma), or upload a CSV file containing any variety of types (domain, email address, or IP address) using one entry per row.

With these new domain management features, we hope it’s easier to add new customers and administer their spam filtering for them.

Inbound Filtering Made Easy

Every MailChannels Outbound Filtering subscription lets you add Inbound Filtering to protect up to five domains for free. Try adding domains today! If you’re new to MailChannels, contact our sales team for a free 15-day trial.

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