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By Desmond Liao | 3 minute read

The Anti-Spam Blog exists to demystify the tactics used by both spammers and the anti-spam industry.

Unfortunately, a highly organized group is poisoning our open communication network, using brute force to overwhelm our defenses and flood their messages into quarantines. The majority of leading authorities on email security agree that the threat posed by spammers is becoming more problematic for IT professionals and increasing IT spending to queue all that mail.

Spammers are evolving but the consensus remains of adding more servers to block bad messages as the only way to stop spammers reaching us.

May those who help the most win.


Ken Simpson

The Anti-Spam Blog is led by Ken Simpson, Co-Founder and CEO of MailChannels, winner of Red Herring Canada Top 50 Award for promising companies taking new technology to market. Founded in 2004, MailChannels specializes in stopping spam before it reaches your email server. He believes that integrity and ecstatic customers are not mutually exclusive — that the ‘giants’ of the anti-spam industry could be doing more for the sake of innovation. Ken is also the Chair of the Botnet Sub-Committee for Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG). (Read more)

David Cawley

David spent 5 years at Symantec as a senior member of the Brightmail team, in which time he has had experience in both a Team Lead role as well as his most recent highly technical role. David has worked on several patent proposals, among them an invention for automated spam filter creation (Proposal ID: 200503081151), now pending with the USPTO. In 2003 he was awarded the Outstanding Effort Recognition Award from the Brightmail CEO Enrique Salem and in 2004 he was awarded the Symantec A++ award from the Director of Business Intelligence in recognition of his significant contributions to the organization. He was also awarded the Symantec A++ award from the Director of Engineering.

Desmond Liao

Desmond maintains MailChannels’ product marketing and corporate communications. He is directly responsible for the company’s lead generation efforts as well as the day-to-day operations of design, creation, and improvement of all public-facing communications. Desmond brings more than 3 years communications experience in the technology sector having served at the agency of record for Business Objects (an SAP company). Desmond received a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University and is an alumni of the Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program. In his free time, he enjoys hockey, dragon boat racing and is a steadfast Canucks fan.

Phil Whelan

Phil began his career in the UK working for various companies such as the Internet startup, one of the pioneers of online retail in Europe. He later started his own software company, Thoughtman Software, producing and selling video editing software before traveling to Japan to work for one of Japans largest Internet portals, At he was primarily responsible for the search engine of the high-traffic retail store and book selling website, as well as the administration of the homepage. On returning to the UK Phil began working for BBC on the iPlayer project, which later won BAFTA award. He moved to Vancouver, Canada, in early 2007 and has been working for MailChannels ever since.

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