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Introducing MailChannels Insights

By Mike Smith | 2 minute read

MailChannels Insights is an intuitive search interface that helps end-users find problematic email deliveries, providing a reason why messages were blocked or failed to deliver. It provides a level of understanding not available with other SMTP relay services.

Available at no additional cost to MailChannels Outbound Filtering customers, MailChannels Insights empowers end-users to fix their own email delivery problems, reducing support tickets for your support staff.

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Using MailChannels Insights

There are two ways to enroll end-users started with MailChannels Insights. The most direct way is to invite them via the Log Search in Host Console. Simply find a log entry for the customer you wish to invite and click on the envelope icon at the top right of each entry in the log search results, or on the “Invite to MailChannels Insights” link in the expanded log entry view.


The other way to enroll end-users in MailChannels Insights is to enable it in bounce messages. If enabled, bounce messages will contain a link to get them started using MailChannels Insights. Again, customers will need to confirm their enrolment via a verification message sent to the sender address of the bounce message.

Both enrolment methods result in an email being sent to the end user inviting them to confirm enrolment in MailChannels Insights.


The Future of MailChannels Insights

Over the coming months, we plan to add new features to MailChannels Insights that will provide real value to your customers and help ensure they love the service you provide.

Cut your support tickets and make customers happier