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Introducing Inbound Filtering With Incredible Accuracy, Usability, and Support

By Ken Simpson | 3 minute read

In a world of email-borne threats, all SMBs want to maximize their email security. Whether your hosting customers are currently facing email security challenges or feel like their security is fine, you can improve their security and satisfaction with a new service from MailChannels.

MailChannels Inbound is a new cloud service that detects and blocks spam, phishing, and malware before it hits the customer’s inbox. Optimized for web hosting providers, this new service uses the latest machine learning technology to deliver amazing accuracy, all while making end customers happy with a cutting-edge user experience. Lightning fast support ensures your satisfaction, and enables you to get on with the important work of growing your own hosting business.


An intuitive, lightning fast log search helps users solve their own email delivery issues.


Per-user blocklists and safelists are easy to use. Just type in an email address, domain, or IP address, and hit the checkbox to enable.


End-users can release messages from their spam quarantine with a single click from the daily quarantine digest.


After releasing a message from the Quarantine Digest, end-users can click to whitelist the sender’s email address or domain.

Delight your customers with a fast interface that gets stuff done intuitively

You can buy email security almost anywhere. But is it usable? Does it make your customer happy, and does it differentiate your web hosting business from the competition?

MailChannels Inbound combines excellent accuracy with a cutting edge user experience that delights your end users. A new Intelligent Quarantine™ feature allows email senders to release messages from the quarantine, eliminating lost email. Whitelists and blacklists are configurable on a per-domain and per-user basis. And a fast log search feature allows domain admins to rapidly resolve their own email delivery issues.

Relax and let MailChannels take care of email

Email is still the world’s most-used internet application – imagine trying to sign up for an account or make a purchase without an email address. Downtime is unacceptable and you should never be left waiting for support when problems occur. That’s why MailChannels is launching with a 30-minute support promise. Get answers fast when problems occur, so that email security is never something that slows you down.

Deploy it today, with ease

Get started today with a free trial. MailChannels Inbound requires no software, and deploys entirely via the DNS, without changes to server configuration.


Cut your support tickets and make customers happier