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How XXL Webhosting Broke the Vicious Cycle of Blocklisting

By Ciara Noonan | 2 minute read

Based in Amsterdam, XXL Webhosting has been in the hosting industry for 18 years. Today, the company boasts over 30,000 websites on its servers and an impressive client list ranging from startup entrepreneurs and ecommerce companies to multinational corporations and government institutions.

As with many web hosting companies, XXL Webhosting were caught in a vicious cycle of blocklisting. Although the team would work quickly to have any IP removed from a blocklist, the next day another client would be affected in the same way.

XXL Webhosting founder, Sander Cruiming, knew a smarter solution was necessary to deal with the blocklisting issues and improve the reputation of the company’s online servers.

XXL Webhosting wanted a spam filter that could send an alert the moment spam was identified in its servers. With digital signature technology, MailChannels Cloud checks the content of each email message against a real-time updated database of known spam signatures. Unusual trends in message volume, suspicious content, recipient validation failures and other statistical signals enable fast identification of spammers. Pleased with the results during a short trial period, XXL Webhosting signed up to MailChannels Cloud.

With MailChannels Cloud, XXL Webhosting was able to break the vicious cycle of blocklisting and protect the reputation of its online servers.

To read XXL Webhosting’s story in full, download our case study.


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