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Haiku on NANOG

By Ken Simpson | 1 minute read

The network engineers are getting restless. Here is some recent Haiku from the NANOG (North American Network Operators Group) mailing list:
Cogent drops packets.
Angry customers call. Twice.
Admin writes haiku.

Cogent makes a mess

My phone rings and rings
Unfornicate this!
Net admins are bored
Nanog lists run wild
Useless spam blow up phone
.. and we couldn’t resist writing one of our own, which was so off topic it prompted a call to end the madness:
McColo shuts down
Spammers enjoy holiday
… and then recommence.
Is this the sort of thing that happens just before the IT industry lays off most of its workers, leaving more time for Haiku writing and latte serving?

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