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Email Security with MailChannels

By MailChannels | 3 minute read


In an age when digital communication is the backbone of businesses worldwide, securing your emails has never been more important. MailChannels, a company dedicated to providing robust, all-encompassing email security solutions, is a significant player in the field of email security. This blog post will go over MailChannels’ capabilities and why it’s the top choice for many web hosting providers.

The State of Email Security Today

Current threats to email security are diverse and sophisticated, ranging from spam and phishing attacks to malware and DDoS assaults. For businesses, a comprehensive email security solution is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity. According to recent statistics, email breaches have a severe impact on businesses, resulting in lost revenues, decreased consumer trust, and increased recovery costs.

Introduction to MailChannels

MailChannels has curated a suite of features designed to provide top-tier email security solutions after understanding the unique challenges faced by web hosting providers. Below are some key features that make MailChannels a standout choice:

Outbound Filtering

MailChannels’ outbound filtering is a dynamic feature that monitors outgoing emails from a network. It effectively identifies and blocks the delivery of spam or malicious content, which can harm the company’s reputation or result in their email being blacklisted, by utilizing AI and machine learning.

Spam Detection and Filtering

Using sophisticated algorithms, MailChannels offers reliable spam detection and filtering. It distinguishes between regular email traffic and potential threats, ensuring that legitimate emails are delivered without delay.

Threat Monitoring

MailChannels maintains a comprehensive log of all email delivery attempts made by your users, enabling quick troubleshooting in case of issues. Users can effortlessly search through months’ worth of logs via an intuitive web interface, ensuring efficient resolution of email delivery queries.

Moreover, MailChannels offers easy-to-understand non-delivery reports (NDRs) when an email is rejected. Each NDR includes a link to an “Insights” page, where users can review all emails sent from their address. This proactive approach helps users self-resolve their delivery challenges, reducing the workload on the service provider’s support desk.

Consider MailChannels

Numerous businesses and web hosting providers, like Dreamhost and WP Engine, have reaped the benefits of enhanced email security with MailChannels. These effective initiatives have resulted in drastic reductions in spam, breaches, and overall improvements in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.  Read their success stories here.

When compared to other email security solutions on the market, MailChannels stands out because of its unique benefits tailored specifically for web hosting providers. MailChannels is a top choice due to its advanced security features and clear understanding of the needs of the hosting industry.

So if you’re a web hosting provider looking to secure your email communications, consider exploring MailChannels as a solution for your business. Getting started with MailChannels is a simple process. The MailChannels team is always ready to assist you in a timely manner to ensure a smooth transition. 

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