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DreamHost – A MailChannels Case Study

By Desmond Liao | 3 minute read

Prior to using MailChannels, DreamHost delivered email from their web hosting servers using an in-house solution. Although they used an expensive third-party content filter, system administrators continued to battle with compromised accounts and blocklisting issues daily, wasting precious time and resources.

Watch the case study video to learn how MailChannels helped DreamHost get their customer email delivered reliably.

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Brett Dunst: DreamHost started in 1997 as a primarily shared web hosting provider. Today we have expanded our suite of services. We now offer a full spectrum of hosting services, from good old shared hosting to virtual private servers, dedicated hosting. We also offer cloud compute and cloud storage resources. Of course, we’re a domain registrar as well.

DreamHost believes that everyone should own their online content. They should have complete control over where it lives, who has access to it and how it’s used.

Justin Lund: DreamHost we typically create the tools we need to operate our business. If we choose a vendor to run a piece of core functionality, it needs to be reliable and work well. We were pleased to learn that MailChannels specializes in email delivery.

Nate Michael: Our major pain points prior MailChannels were the amount of time and resources it took to manage being on blocklists and dealing with undeliverable mail, as well as identifying some of our customers that were behaving badly on the platform.

Erik Nieves: It occupied almost 50% of my time on a daily basis, just going through feedback loops and reports. If you go to the outbound logging and monitoring, and you have known bounce-backs and known spam, that is by far my favorite feature.

Justin Lund: Besides the effectiveness of MailChannels one of the biggest advantages they brought was their team. Everyone from support, to the CEO was eager to help. They understood our concerns and did everything possible to make us successful.

Erik Nieves: It was seamless. It works. It does what it needs to do, and it keeps us from pulling our hair out every week.

Brett Dunst: Our customers want to know that the team behind the brand is just as committed to their success as they are. And that’s what we strive to deliver.

Erik Nieves: We went from 300 tickets a week down to about 10. Overall the solution just fit and works. Couldn’t be happier with it.

Usually most of the customers I dealt with are pretty angry by the time they got to me. Actually getting “thank yous” is a pleasant surprise.

Cut your support tickets and make customers happier