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Defending Against Spammers: How MailChannels Protects Your Hosting Infrastructure

By MailChannels | 4 minute read

In today’s digital landscape, the battle against spam remains a constant challenge. Spammers are relentless in their pursuit of infiltrating email systems and exploiting vulnerabilities. In this blog post, we will explore how spammers have evolved their tactics, particularly targeting WordPress plugins, purchasing hosting services, and compromising end-user mailboxes. We will also delve into the pivotal role of MailChannels in combating these attacks, ensuring the integrity of your hosting infrastructure.

The Changing Face of Email Spam

Email spam has transformed into a sophisticated threat, as spammers find new ways to gain unauthorized access and misuse email systems for their malicious activities. Let’s examine three common methods spammers employ to send their unsolicited messages and how they can impact your hosting environment.

Exploiting Vulnerable WordPress Plugins

WordPress, a widely used content management system (CMS), has become a prime target for spammers. By exploiting vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins hosted on your server, attackers can gain unauthorized access to your system and harness it for spamming purposes. The consequences can be severe, tarnishing your server’s reputation and disrupting legitimate email delivery.

Purchasing Hosting Services for Spam

Another tactic employed by spammers is purchasing hosting services themselves. By gaining control over hosting infrastructure, they install specialized spam-sending software, enabling them to send massive volumes of spam emails. This method allows spammers to bypass conventional security measures and leverage the resources of legitimate hosting providers to disseminate their unsolicited messages.

Compromising End-User Mailboxes

Spammers also exploit end-user mailboxes to further their spamming campaigns. By compromising these accounts, they can send spam and phishing emails, often without the account holder’s knowledge. This technique not only damages the reputation of affected users but also poses a significant risk to the hosting infrastructure, potentially leading to blacklisting and reduced email deliverability for legitimate users.

MailChannels: Protecting Your Hosting Infrastructure

Amid the evolving tactics of spammers, MailChannels offers an effective solution to safeguard your hosting environment and maintain the integrity of your email infrastructure. Let’s explore how MailChannels combats spam and notifies hosting providers of potential issues, enabling prompt remediation.

Blocking Bad Email

MailChannels acts as a shield against spam, filtering out malicious messages before they reach your hosting infrastructure. Its advanced algorithms analyze email traffic in real-time, detecting patterns and characteristics associated with spam and phishing campaigns. By blocking these malicious emails, MailChannels ensures that your servers remain free from unwanted and potentially harmful content.

Detecting Hacked Accounts

One of MailChannels’ crucial capabilities is detecting compromised accounts within your hosting infrastructure. It actively monitors outgoing email traffic, looking for signs of unauthorized access or suspicious activity. When a compromised account is identified, MailChannels promptly notifies the hosting provider, enabling them to take immediate action and prevent further abuse.

Notifying Hosting Providers

In the battle against spammers, collaboration is key. MailChannels establishes a feedback loop by providing notifications to hosting providers regarding hacked accounts and spam incidents. By promptly sharing this vital information, MailChannels empowers hosting providers to investigate and address the issues, ensuring a clean and secure email environment for their customers.


Spammers are constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise email systems. As they target WordPress plugins, purchase hosting services, and take over end-user mailboxes, the risks to hosting infrastructure and legitimate users increase. Fortunately, MailChannels offers a robust defense against these threats. By blocking bad email, detecting hacked accounts, and notifying hosting providers, MailChannels strengthens the security and reputation of your hosting infrastructure, enabling you to combat spammers effectively.

Remember, protecting your email infrastructure is crucial in today’s digital landscape. With MailChannels as your partner, you can rest assured that your hosting environment remains resilient against spam and other malicious activities, safeguarding your reputation and ensuring uninterrupted email communication.

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