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How Sender Policy Framework (SPF) improves your email deliverability

Domain owners publish SPF information in the Domain Name System (DNS) - a globe-spanning database of internet information - in something called an SPF record. Boiled down, an SPF record specifies in computer-readable form a set of rules that email receivers can use to verify that an email sent from your domain originated from a server that is authorized to send on behalf of your domain.

Upcoming change from Spamhaus will make March 1st a difficult day for some

On February 11th, Spamhaus reminded its users that they would start to block queries sent from public Domain Name System (DNS) resolvers beginning on March 1st

How To Save Money Without Sacrificing On Reliability When Using AWS Spot Instances

One of the best tools in our cost-saving arsenal is a technology offered by AWS called Spot Instances.

Palinurus – A Helm chart conversion tool

Palinurus converts Kubernetes resource files to helm charts automatically, eliminating a manual, error-prone step on the road from service definition to reliable deployment.

MailChannels Rolls Out Improved Spam Detection Engine

To maintain an excellent email reputation, MailChannels works hard to block spam and phishing attacks from the more than 26 million unique senders whose email we process each month.

Response Analytics™ - MailChannels' powerful AI technology

Spammers compromise hosting and email accounts by stealing passwords and leveraging exploits in hosting systems. Once an account is compromised, the spammer sends email through the account, leveraging whatever positive...

Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) With a Transparent SMTP Proxy

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption protocol that ensures the privacy of SMTP traffic exchanged between mail servers.

Tackling Greylisting In MailChannels Cloud

Greylisting - a common anti-spam technique - presents a serious challenge for large email delivery services. Find out how we tackled greylisting.

STARTTLS Adoption Update

In May 2013, Facebook published a detailed survey of Transport Layer Security encryption usage by the world's email servers.

DMARC: Way cooler than it sounds

DMARC is a new specification that helps domain owners find out how their domain is being used in the context of email.

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