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5 Ways an SMTP Relay Service Will Make You a Better Web Host

By Graeme Caldwell | 4 minute read

If you peruse web hosting forums, you’ll see no end of posts by frustrated web hosting clients complaining that their emails aren’t being delivered and that their hosting company isn’t doing much to help. Most are looking for hosting recommendations so they can move their sites and email hosting to platforms that provide better email deliverability.

Guaranteeing email deliverability is difficult for web hosting companies, but those who make email deliverability a priority have a substantial competitive advantage over their less capable peers.

Let’s have a look at some of the ways an SMTP relay service can help your web hosting company differentiate itself from the competition.

1. Guarantee Email Deliverability

The only way to guarantee emails are delivered is to make sure that no spam from your network reaches the internet. Our email deliverability solution routes all email through sophisticated outbound spam filters, ensuring that spam never reaches the inbox providers, ISPs, and corporations who go to great lengths to stop spam getting to their users.

Your clients will never experience email deliverability issues because your network’s IPs will never be implicated in spamming.

2. Catch And Remove Spamming Accounts

Without comprehensive outbound email filtering, it’s practically impossible for a web hosting company to find out who is spamming and who isn’t. When we find spam, we know exactly where it came from and we relay that information back to you.

Once you know who is sending spam, your support and customer service teams can deal with them in-line with your company’s spam policies.

3. Prevent IP Blocklisting

Avoiding blocklisting by spam-tracking organizations like Spamhaus is a constant struggle for web hosting companies. If a hosting customer sends spam, the IP they use will be blocklisted. If that IP is used on a shared hosting server, none of the clients hosted on that server will be able to have email delivered. And if a web hosting company has a particularly bad spam problem, large blocks of its IP addresses may be blocklisted, impacting potentially thousands of customers.

All of which costs web hosting companies: they have to pay for increased customer support, they lose customers and reputation, and then there’s the expense of going through the rigmarole required to have IPs removed from blocklists.

After passing through the outbound spam filtering of an SMTP relay service like MailChannels Cloud, emails are sent on their way via our SMTP relays, which use our IPs — there’s zero chance of your IPs ending up on a blocklist or coming to the attention of email inbox providers.

4. Detect Compromised Accounts And Content Management Systems

Some web hosting clients spam deliberately, but many aren’t even aware that spam is being sent from their account. Compromised content management systems like WordPress are often targeted precisely because — with the injection of a simple PHP script — they can be used to send spam.

Because we inform users when spam is being sent from their networks and give them the information they need to find the source, locating and neutralizing hacked content management systems, eCommerce stores, and other applications is made much easier.

5. Provide A Reliable Email Service For Customers

Finally, and most importantly, an effective SMTP relay service provides the tools you need to offer a reliable and trustworthy email service to your customers — an offering that’s well worth promoting and that gives you an edge over competitors who take a less client-friendly approach to spam.

Want to learn more? Download our white paper:

Why Use an SMTP Relay Service


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