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Your mails are blocked with the error message: "554 Denied [CS]  [*.mxlogic.net] (Mode: normal)  (in reply to end of DATA command)". 

What does "554 Denied CS [*.mxlogic.net]" mean?

The mail was rejected by Mxlogic / Mcafee because of the content of the message.

Steps for verification

To check the IP reputation of a sending server, please to go to http://trustedsource.org and enter the IP address in the TrustedSource Query box.

Mcafee assigns one of the 4 levels to email reputation.

  • High Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • Unverified
  • Minimal Risk

If the IP address in question has a minimal or unverified risk level, you can rule out rejections because of the IP blacklisting.

The message has been blocked solely because of the content.

What Can I do?

For senders who are not McAfee SaaS Email Protection customers, please do one or more of the following:

1. Contact the intended recipient and ask them to add the sending address or domain to their allow list

2. Contact the intended recipient and ask them to open a service request with McAfee SaaS Technical Support so that the message can be reviewed as a false positive

3. Send a copy of the message with the original headers to SaaS_falsepositives@mcafeesubmissions.com

See also the related article titled Best Practices for Organizations Sending to McAfee SaaS Email Protection Customers for additional information.

To challenge the scoring of a message rejected as spam, send the the following information:

  • Email address of sender
  • Email address of intended recipient
  • Date of message (within past 7 days)
  • Exact bounce message received
  • Subject of message (If available)

Reference: https://support.mcafeesaas.com/MCAFEE/_cs/AnswerDetail.aspx?sSessionID&aid=155

If you have further questions, send us an email.

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