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10 Cyber Security Blogs to Follow in 2018

By Ciara Noonan | 3 minute read

Recently, we made a list of some of our team’s most-listened to podcasts for 2018. Now, we’ve turned our attention to the blogosphere. IT and cyber security blogs are certainly nothing new and many of those listed have been providing readers with breaking security-related news and valuable advice for years.

Staying in the know on security-related issues is important to our team. Indeed, every business and organization today benefits from keeping up-to-date on what is going on in the digital world. From DDoS attacks, data breaches and updates on various vulnerabilities.

Here are 10 cyber security blogs that that will
keep you informed for 2018:

1. SANS Security Awareness Blog

Keep your organization safe and secure with valuable tips and advice from the SANS blog. Updated frequently with the latest news, expert opinions and discussions, their monthly newsletter, OUCH! is also worth a sign-up.

Twitter: @SecureTheHuman 

2. Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs is a former Washington Post journalist, writing for the Security Fix blog for fourteen years. He now writes for his own blog, Krebs On Security which has grown to be one of the most well-known and respected cyber security blogs on the internet today.  

Twitter: @briankrebs

3. Shneier on Security

Bruce Shneier is the Chief Technology Officer of IBM Resilient and an all-round expert on IT security. He has written thirteen books on  a whole range of security-related topics including data protection.

Twitter: @SchneierBlog

4. Graham Cluley

Stay up to date on security issues and breaking cyber-related news with Graham Cluley’s self-titled security blog. Graham also appears frequently on security podcast, Smashing Security with Carole Theriault. Graham is also an avid Twitter user and one to follow for breaking security-related news. 

Twitter: @gcluley

5. AWS Security Blog

Amazon Web Services Security Blog is a no-frills, to-the-point blog featuring IT and tech-related news and resources with a lean towards all things Amazon.

Twitter: @awscloud

6. PCMag’s Security Watch

A wealth of breaking news and opinion on current IT security and cyber-related issues, Security Watch is one to keep on our daily radar. PC Mag also have a range of newsletters you can sign up to; including a daily tech briefing by editor-in-chief, Dan Costa or a newsletter designed with the small business owner in mind—take your pick!

Twitter: @PCMag

7. Threat Post

An independent publication, ThreatPost is one of the most referenced IT security blogs on the internet today. Find the information you need on topics such as malware, cryptography and vulnerabilities. They also have an extensive video section and run a podcast too.

Twitter: @ThreatPost

8. Naked Security by Sophos

Run by IT security giant, Sophos, Naked Security is your one-stop shop for breaking security news, advice and opinion. Sign up to the daily Naked Security newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest cyber threats and industry discussions.

Twitter: @NakedSecurity

9. CISCO Talos

The Talos blog, run by CISCO employees, provides breaking cyber security news and exposes vulnerabilities in systems through their frequent “Vulnerability Spotlight” feature posts. They also host a podcast called “Beers With Talos”. Sounds like our kind of podcast.

Twitter: @TalosSecurity

10. Tripwire’s The State of Security

An award-winning blog, The State of Security aims to provide readers with valuable resources, breaking news and thoughtful opinion pieces, all in one concise place. The blog has a range of videos and podcasts too if that’s more appealing than articles.

Twitter: @TripwireInc

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