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10 Best Email SMTP Service Providers for Secure Email Delivery

By MailChannels | 4 minute read

A Closer Look at SMTP

The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the standard for sending emails across the internet. It uses appropriate authentication methods to ensure the successful delivery of marketing and transactional emails to the customer’s inbox. Any organization that hosts their websites on WordPress understands the significance of emails. WordPress uses emails for:

  • Registering new accounts
  • Recovering lost passwords
  • Sending notifications about changes made

However, WordPress’s default email-sending method (PHP mail) occasionally experiences delays. Businesses can use SMTP service providers to ensure that their customers receive their emails on time. This blog post will go over a few notable SMTP services that WordPress users should look into.


This reputable SMTP email provider offers a robust marketing platform, featuring SMS marketing, email marketing, transactional emails, and live chat. It integrates easily with WordPress and other platforms such as Salesforce, OptinMonster, Google Analytics, and more. SendinBlue’s API and SMTP service are highly adaptable, enhancing email delivery.


Mailgun is a popular choice for developers and businesses wanting a potent API for sending transactional emails. It can be swiftly integrated with WordPress websites. Mailgun’s scalability makes it suitable for small businesses, eCommerce websites, or membership stores.

Amazon SES

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dominant global force in cloud computing infrastructure. Its robust cloud-based SMTP service, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), is ideal for developers and marketers. It offers high email deliverability and is a cost-efficient option.


This SMTP service, designed for marketers, businesses, and websites, emphasizes deliverability and speed. Its user-friendly nature, combined with competitive pricing and easy integration, makes it a reliable choice.


This cloud-based SMTP service provider prides itself on lightning-fast deliveries. Its servers are distributed globally to provide rapid service to its clients and minimize network latency.

Elastic Email

For organizations seeking an affordable SMTP service, Elastic Email could be a perfect fit. Its leading offering is 150,000 free emails per month, coupled with a cutting-edge set of tools for designers, marketers, and developers.


This powerful SMTP plugin for WordPress allows the use of any SMTP email provider for sending emails. It can also be used to integrate other plugins to WordPress like Mailgun, SendGrid, Gmail, etc.

G Suite

For businesses wanting a professional email address with the familiarity of the Google interface, G Suite could be the answer. Users get access to the entire productivity suite, including Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, etc.


This affordable SMTP service provider is suitable for small organizations. Moosend offers a 98% email deliverability rate and includes a drag-and-drop builder interface for designing transactional emails. It also has real-time email tracking capabilities.


Rounding off the list is MailChannels, an SMTP service provider that is built for web hosting providers and can deliver large volumes of email, securely.

MailChannels addresses all of your business’s email needs, from protecting your business domains from spoofing and phishing threats to ensuring that your customers never miss important emails sent from their domain through high sender reputation management. It is an excellent option for companies looking for a comprehensive email solution.

MailChannels has plans to suit businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to large corporations. With a solid infrastructure and dedicated customer service, MailChannels is a dependable option for companies looking for a high-quality email delivery solution.

Learn more about MailChannels’ cloud-based SMTP relay service

To conclude

SMTP service providers play an important role in ensuring effective email delivery. In this day and age, having a dependable and efficient email system is essential for any business, which is where SMTP service providers come in.

They not only contribute to maintaining high deliverability rates, ensuring that your messages reach their intended recipients, but they also help to protect your business domain from potential threats such as spoofing and phishing. A good SMTP service can significantly improve your communication processes by delivering emails in a seamless, secure, and dependable manner.

Businesses can focus more on their core operations by selecting an optimal SMTP service provider, confident that their email communications are being handled effectively and professionally. Ultimately, the right SMTP service provider is an invaluable asset in the increasingly digital landscape of modern business.

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