Digital services providers offer a wide range of outsourced services to other companies, including web design, web and app development, IT consulting, and marketing. Many of these services go hand-in-hand with web hosting, but, in my experience, web hosting and the associated email hosting are headaches digital services agencies don’t want to deal with—it isn’t their core competence and they’d rather focus on more profitable areas of their business.

However, clients often expect their web designer or developer to provide hosting for the site they’re working on, and so, digital services companies reluctantly find themselves providing a service they’d rather not.

White label reseller hosting is the perfect solution — the digital services agency is able to offer high-quality hosting without having to deploy, manage, secure, and support web hosting and email servers.

Design, development, and marketing agencies have particular hosting needs. After all, they’re putting their reputation on the line by outsourcing to a third-party vendor. A hosting provider who can fulfill the needs of digital services agencies is well positioned to take advantage of a lucrative market.

High Availability And Guaranteed Uptime

The complexity of building reliable and highly available web hosting is one of the reasons digital services companies are reluctant to provide hosting — it’s a technically difficult and time-consuming task. Downtime is unacceptable to clients. Reseller hosting providers who can provide solid uptime service level agreements and have a reputation for reliability will attract more customers. Make reliability central to your marketing and engineering efforts.

Responsive Support

The worst nightmare of any digital services provider is being harangued by clients because of hosting issues they can’t resolve while also being unable to reach their reseller hosting provider’s support team. This situation is more common than you might think and it can be catastrophic for the company’s reputation.

Fast support responses, round-the-clock availability, and proactive issue resolution are vital.

Reliable Email Services

It’s not enough to install and configure an email server — email has to be rock solid. The reliability and stability of the email platform itself is important, but just as crucial is deliverability. Businesses depend on email and modern webmail solutions have accustomed users to hassle-free deliverability.

Many web hosting providers struggle with this for various reasons: hacked accounts start spewing spam and clients may be less than diligent about the contents of email lists. In either case, IP addresses and domains eventually end up on spam blacklists and emails fail to be delivered. Outbound spam filtering is the best solution, ensuring that the hosting provider’s IPs are kept off blacklists and that they’re given the information they need to react quickly to accounts that send spam.

Digital service providers are a lucrative market for reseller hosting providers, but only if they offer excellent support, unbeatable reliability, and uninterrupted email services.

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